Never Trust A Label

by Sleepyhead

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released January 2, 2013

Recorded by Ezra Hinton at Drone Builder Studio
Mastered by Adam Tucker at Signature Tone Studio
Tape Art by Rosi Men
Layout by berzerker and ben crew



all rights reserved


Sleepyhead St Paul, Minnesota

Punk rock from the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

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Track Name: Spend the Night
So I'll hold on to this time of night: just a broken curfew near tremendous heights. Without a light to illuminate the passing time we'll spend the night, have dreams of what we're fighting for, but bullshit like it's your front door. Sit and watch the sky burn.
Track Name: North of Ordinary
A local county events brochure forgotten by a television long since left on screams "look what I've done while you've been gone." As I tiptoe around the rested silence of those who've stayed and made their lives here, the shortest day of the year says "move along."
But I anticipate the day that I'm not just waiting for a change to follow this string of nights that tie these obligations like a name around my wrist. When "catch your breath but don't get caught with it" is sold on every billboard between Hinckley and Highway 23, is it directed at me? Instead of suburban wasteland refugees?
Because the only set of headlights on this road has no mirrored glimpse of the road home and you won't answer your phone this evening.
Catch your breath but don't get caught with it and tell yourself that it's easy to forget.
Track Name: Overvalued
"Can't you just stop?" She said confused, "Just steady your hands and we will both pull through this madness you just can't shake." I wasted away in helplessness with all the help I needed right beside me, choosing instead to remain there on the floor, counting aloud the patterns in the ground. (They were) sporadic shapes with no form or functional design; projections of a fractured mind in desperate times.
Solemn Isolation builds you a monument to overvalued ideas with which you can't debate but this condescending statue will rust away with every commune and bitter thoughts will start to lose their weight.
"Why can't I stop?" I said, "It's been eight years since I told myself to disregard these routines which do nothing for me except make obvious the number of tiles punched out on every ceiling and the feelings that bury me here."
When every step ahead is a sinking feeling and I'm caught between a life controlled in every detail and uncertainty, well certainly, I'll need you here beside me.
Track Name: No Security
I've been waking up to ceilings; stucco stares so unfamiliarly down at me. As I watch these cars shuffle around and stack this deck with their routines, I can't help but think of what I meant to say to you: "Could you understand that I just wasn't in control of mine?"
The kids that pace these streets and my incidental friends: they're not so different. We're not so different. I can tell they're haunted by the same things that haunted my days of crisis, but I had no support.
Now I've learned to live and meet demands just like we did when back in school. I'm nothing new but my life has been changed by circumstance; textbooks replaced with dumpster dives and crisis shelter rules.
I'm not asking for forgiveness as I've done you no wrong. I just want to let you know there is no security in guarding yourself from me or your thoughts on poverty.
The rug they've pulled right over me sits underneath your feet.
I just want to let you know there is no security in building up these walls to get away from me.